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Frequently Asked Questions -Table of Contents

  1. How far does a bag of sliver go ?
  2. How do I do Intarsia Knitting. ?
  3. What tension ...... and what needles do I use. ?
  4. Spinning fleece ...... should I have it carded. ?
  5. How do I wind a hank to a ball ?

1. How far does a bag of sliver go?


This depends very much upon the spinner and just how thick it is spun.

One 600gm bag of 28 micron Corriedale if spun into a medium weight yarn (8ply or worsted weight) is ample to make an adult garment to fit an approx 36" chest. 100gms bag if finely spun could knit into a small lacy scarf.

If you use another thread to ply with, you will double the length of thread constructed and consequently a larger project is possible.

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2. How do I do Intarsia knitting ?


This is not woven knitting, but rather the yarn is knitted in plain stocking stitch one colour at a time.

Where two colours meet, twist one colour around the other on the wrong side of the work, letting the old colour drop and continuing with the new one. If you don't do this you will get a slit.

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3. What Tension....and what needles do I use ?


A. For the slivers, once again you determine the thickness of the yarn being spun.We recommend you do swatches with several different needle sizes until it is right. Not to tight or it will felt when washed and not to loose or it will stretch and drop. A nice tension is where you can just see through the knitting.


B. For our yarns...  our patterns will knit to the correct garment size if  knitters have average to firm tension. Generally it is the looser knitters that need to go to a smaller needle to achieve the desired fabric. If in doubt knit the tension square, especially if you are trying a new product.

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4. Spinning Fleece... should it be carded ?

The answer is definitely no !

Our greasy spinning fleeces are all prelamb shorn, no breaks, no vegetation and all between 4 and 5 inches (10 to 12 cm) in length.  We have hogget and ewe fleeces. This is our premium wool, clean and designed for hand worsted spinning. Hogget fleece may need the tips opened out but most can be spun straight from the fleece. The majority of the carding systems available are woollen and are for wools with a shorter staple.

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5. How do I wind a hank to a ball ?


A. Get a friend to hold the hank out with one hand thru each side, alternatively put the hank over the back of a chair.

B. Locate the tag and leave it where it is.

C. Locate the other 3 plain wool ties that we put on the hank to stop it tangling when set or dyed, break them and throw away.

D. Go back to the tag there you will find the beginning and the end of the hank tied together, look at each end and see where they

     go. Between me and the end user sometimes things get turned about.

E. When you are sure you can see the beginning and the end, break the yarn by the label
and wind from the beginning which is the outside of the hank, wind it into one big ball, that way you have no knots and donít change colour sequence. When you have your ball you can tell your friend to relax and you can start knitting :)


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